Telephone Contact Numbers for Novartis RDC Help Desk

Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan*, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK: 00 800 3624 3422
Argentina: 0-800-266-4508
Brazil: 0800-891-8845
Bulgaria: +3592 491 70 59
Colombia: 01-800-5-1-81349
Chile: 1230-020-7842
Costa Rica: 0-800-011-1194
Ecuador: Dial 1-999-119-(Andinatel), 1-800-225-528-(Pacifictel),-1-800-999-119-(Pacifictel-Spanish) then 866-842-0786
Egypt: 0800-000-0125
Greece: 00800-44-14-5769
Guatemala: 888-484-6505
Honduras: 800-0123, then 877-343-3544
India: 000-800-440-1609
Israel: 1809344219
Nicaragua: 1-800-0174/Spanish 1-800-0164, then 877 343 3544
Panama: 001-800-5072424
Peru: 0800-54622
Portugal: 001 800 3624 3422
Romania: 0800-89-4854
Trinidad and Tobago: 8682245799
Turkey: Dial-0811-288-0001, then-866-848-8750
United Kingdom: 08001690453
Uruguay: 000-411-002-4643
Venezuela: 0800-100-8684
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Site Assessment Survey

Your site's interest in this trial is appreciated.

The information requested on this survey is necessary to ensure that your site will be able to participate in a Clinical Trial that uses Remote Data Capture (RDC) for Novartis. Please complete this survey using the primary computer you will use for the trial and submit by clicking the Submit button below. If you are completing this form off-line, please submit the completed form by either emailing the survey to or faxing to + 973 718 4388.

RDC Help Desk Contacts:


Please add full trial ID (for example CABC123A1234):
Please add your site number (for example 0001):


The below information is needed to determine if the current equipment at site meets the requirements to participate in the Novartis OC RDC trial
1. Do you have a computer you can use for the purpose of this RDC trial?

1.1. Has your site received a Novartis laptop for another RDC trial that you can use for the purpose of this trial?
If yes, please provide the most recent RDC study-site number (e.g., CABC123A1234-1000)

2. Does the computer at the site meet the RDC Onsite (HTML) minimum system requirements below?
2.1. Client Browser:Internet Explorer 11 or Safari ; Other browsers such as Google Chrome or Opera are NOT compatible.
2.2. Operating System: Windows 7; Windows 8 (desktop mode); Windows 10


Novartis suggest your IT security and privacy officers have been notified of your interests in using electronic data collection for this trial. Please note that training is required in order to obtain access to RDC for online collection of data. E-signature is required for the online approval of data in the system.

The creation of the accounts for the RDC system includes automatic emails sent to personal mailboxes. It is possible that the emails are not accepted by existing firewalls at your site. If you have email addresses located on local domains, please check for any restrictions with your IT department.